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HTC Offers Unique HTC One Weekend Offer

As we work on our HTC One review, we got an email from HTC stating that they’ve launched another HTC One offer similar to the one they offered during the pre-order period. Except, this time they’re offering very specific amounts of money for your old phone based on the model and condition and then giving you a giftcard in the value for that trade in.

The catch is that in order to get the guaranteed trade in values, you must buy an HTC One smartphone this weekend.

Starting today, for One weekend only, customers who purchase a new HTC One and trade in a qualified smartphone can get at least $100 and as much as $375 for their old device. And since they?ll want to take their friends, apps, and favorite Web sites with them to their shiny new phone, HTC has created tools to make it easy to switch from any other smartphone to the new HTC One.

HTC?s ?One Phone, One Weekend? offer is available from May 2 through May 5 and is applicable to any HTC One purchased through a U.S. carrier – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Cincinnati Bell ? or national retail store. Tools to transfer from another smartphone to the new HTC One are always available.

They are offering between $300 and $375 for an iPhone 5, $200-$255 for an iPhone 4, $130-$210 for a Galaxy S3 and so on and so forth. As with the previous offer, you are guaranteed at least $100 no matter what, but these prices listed are for phones in like-new condition. So don’t expect to get much for a scuffed up and scratched phone.

This looks to be yet another way that HTC is giving consumers that extra push to go out and buy an HTC One. When I went to the movies last night to see Iron Man 3, HTC ran a long advertisement about the HTC One touting it as "Everything Your Phone Isn’t." HTC’s marketing has certainly been more aggressive than we’ve seen from the company in the past, and with a solid product and good marketing it will be hard to see that HTC will be anything but successful with this phone.

We’ll have our One Developer Edition review coming to you soon.