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Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone

Sennheiser has great microphones available for almost every level of profession and price point, in both music and entertainment applications. The MKE 600, a newer ?video journalist? version of their shotgun microphones, is no different. If you?re already familiar with their K6 module series, like the ME66, the MKE 600 combines the best of both into a one-piece product, like optional battery power, plus a high-pass/low cut filter.

The MKE 600 is roughly 10 in. (265 mm) long, and weighs 128 g, housed in a lightweight but durable casing. The box also includes a foam windscreen, carrying pouch, user?s guide, and the MZS 600 hot-shoe shockmount.

But hey, what better way to describe this ?videographer? model than…. a video? Check it out below to hear this mic in action, a shootout against other similar models, and a scene from an upcoming short film! (Watch/Listen in at least 480p for the best audio)

So it?s not as ?present? or ?bright? as the ME66 combo, but for $400 it?s a decent choice for a warmer shotgun sound. Of course, what you hear is from the mic placed overhead on a boom stand overhead, in optimal and quiet conditions. When placed camera-top, the mic has an optimal range of 4-6 feet, which is good for your everyday interview shots.

The MZW 600 windscreen and MZS 600 shock mount are very handy, giving users a head start in mounting the mic to camera. Sennheiser?s KA 600 cable, sold separately, conveniently connects the mic?s XLR output to a 3.5?? mini-TRS input. From a packaging standpoint, some cameras have XLR input and some don?t. But when an overwhelming percentage of these videographers are using DSLR?s, which only have a 3.5?? mic-in, it?s difficult to understand why Sennheiser does not include this vital accessory in box.

Overall, price to performance, the MKE 600 is a good choice for those who need powering options and durability on-the-go, and as a solid entry-level shotgun microphone for sound recordists.