Nvidia on Windows RT: This is Where Things are Going

Despite the abysmal sales of the Windows RT devices powered by the Tegra 3 SoC (including the Surface RT), Nvidia is still ?very interested and very committed to Windows RT?. The company believes that this platform has a very bright future, and that it is far too early to conclude anything discouraging. With that said, they are preparing for multiple upcoming Windows RT devices powered by their new Tegra 4 solution.

While numbers are truly meager, with Microsoft?s own Surface tablets combined (Pro/RT) reaching less than a million shipments in the first quarter (with only 200,000 units being the Tegra 3 powered RT variant according to the IDC), Nvidia still thinks on the bright side, with their vice president of computing products Rene Haas noting that they are ?very, very excited going forward.?

?It is very early in what is a very significant transition for the PC platform. If you step back and look at how we use computers today, everything is driven by mobile and access to information everywhere,? he added. Windows RT devices have an opportunity to become ?ideal for the future generations of the mobile users?, having an outstanding battery life and a lightweight construction. Haas continues on to reiterate how these are the key features expected in the PCs of the tomorrow. ARM processors are likely to have an important future in the PC world as they do today in the world of smartphones, given that they are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Nvidia still believes that Microsoft must do more on the ecosystem part of the equation, and that more apps must become available if they are to succeed. ?The faster that growth continues, the better for the overall platform, but we?re in the first inning of this ballgame and it?s not over by any means,? Haas concluded. The company certainly does not lack optimism in their plans, and they probably know more on what?s coming out of the Microsoft?s labs this year. Definite answer to the question of whether the Windows RT story will end successfully remains elusive.