BSN* and AMD Gamer Series RAM Giveaway Winners Announced!

On Friday, we made an announcement of the availability of AMD’s new Radeon Gamer Series 2133 MHz RAM and we simultaneously launched a giveaway.

All of you have been incredibly helpful in your responses and we are absolutely amazed by the amount of people that chose to participate and help us spread the word. Simultaneously, we are absolutely amazed by some of the detailed responses that some of you had left and we really appreciate some of you guys and gals pouring out your hearts and hardware to let us know why you should win. Unfortunately, we only have two kits so we can only give away a kit to two winners.

We carefully read over all of your posts and monitored your tweeting, Facebooking and G+’ing (are those even words?). We took all of these things into account and have picked two winners for the contest. Those winners are:

Milica K. and Bill B. 

Congratulations to Milica and Bill for entering our contest and winning a kit of AMD’s Radeon Gamer Series RAM. We hope that you guys will be able to put these kits of RAM to good use and that they will not only make your lives easier and better, but also the people around you.

As to those that didn’t win, if you guys know us at all, you know that this won’t be the last giveaway that we do. In fact, today we will be announcing the giveaway of an even bigger prize. We believe many of you will be excited and surprised by this giveaway and we can’t wait to announce it later today. Let’s just say it’s a mobile prize, feel free to leave any comments, guesses or feedback in the comments below.

Also, as per the contest requirements, the winners must contact us via email at giveaways @ brightsideofnews.com to claim their prize and verify their identity.

Thanks and have a great Monday, you guys will be hearing back from us soon!