Galaxy S4: Breaking Records Amidst Component Shortages

Not even a week ago, Samsung?s flagship Galaxy S4 was known as their fastest-selling smartphone ever. The company was expecting for the Galaxy S4 to break the 10 million shipped units mark somewhere near the end of May. Apparently it will happen even faster than they predicted.

Yesterday, Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun spoke to reporters and said that the milestone will be hit early next week – ?We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week. It is selling much faster than the previous model S3.?

Just how much faster you may wonder? In just five days from the unveiling, the company had shipped around 4 million Galaxy S4 units worldwide. After breaking that particular record, things have slowed down a bit, though nowhere near as to question the success of the company. Let?s put things into perspective a bit: the Galaxy S (1) had to wait for nearly three months to break the 3 million shipped units mark. Galaxy S2 and S3 did reach the 10 million milestone, of course. But it certainly took them some time ? five months for the second generation flagship and around two months for the Galaxy S3. Galaxy S4 is about to reach that mark in less than a month.

Many analysts believe that the company will pose a threat to the records currently held by the Apple?s iPhone ? perhaps even this year already. Worth noting is that Samsung likely makes more money out of the Android than Google does, so nothing would be a surprise at this point.

There?s a slight negative side to the tremendous success that is Galaxy S4, though ? severe component deficiency, as they are trying to catch up with user demand. It was a known fact that more Galaxy S4 units are being shipped with the Qualcomm?s SoC Snapdragon 600 instead of Samsung?s own Exynos 5 Octa, but now the percentage is known ? and it is 90% on the Snapdragon side of the story. Truth be told, the Galaxy S3 got stuck in the similar situation, though not as bad as this (70% of devices were powered by the Qualcomm?s solution).

"Qualcomm’s latest chips are getting good reviews from carriers, which I think forced Samsung to switch in favor of Qualcomm from Exynos in the S4. There’s even a possibility Apple may drop its own processor and go for Qualcomm chips in some future devices,? said an analyst at KDB Daewoo Securities regarding this situation. 

Source: Reuters