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Update: Sean Pelletier Leaves NVIDIA for AMD, Then Goes Back

Today we got word of yet another one of AMD’s acquisitions of top-notch talent. We earlier reported on the acquisitions of people like Jim Keller, John GustafsonRaja Koduri and Roy Taylor among many others. Today, we got word from both internal an external sources that Sean Pelletier (Pelly), Nvidia’s Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Windows, Windows RT, and Apple Notebooks. He has worked at Nvidia for almost 6 years and has primarily held a role in notebook marketing for quite a while.

While we don’t quite know his role within the company, it is known that he would likely help the company to head up their initiatives in trying to position themselves in the new middle of the notebook market. Sean has traditionally worked with us here at BSN* with notebook graphics, generally tending to be on the high-end. Since AMD has recently launched their Radeon HD 8970 for notebooks, it remains to be seen what new products he will be responsible for handling.

Having worked closely with Sean, I know him well enough that he is always interested to see what is moving forward. With someone like Sean switching to AMD, it’ll be interesting to see what the company has in store for the latter half of this year. I have a feeling that they’ve got a few things up their sleeves that we’re not entirely privy to yet. 

AMD has a lot of work to do when it comes to notebook GPUs as NVIDIA has been eating their cake in the past few years with their Kepler based GPUs. NVIDIA has succeeded in kicking AMD out of Apple’s notebooks and iMacs, which is generally a very lucrative business and is a growing segment of the admittedly shrinking PC market. With someone like Pelly, AMD stands a chance of at least helping their marketing team to convey their product offerings and designs to the press and OEMs alike. As with any acquisition, change will take some time, but it really looks like AMD is yet again finding the right people to bring onboard and is beginning to restore faith in the company by getting the right people.

We have not yet received any official comment from AMD on this topic.

A few days ago, we got word that in fact Sean Pelletier has actually gone back to working for Nvidia. While we do not have any details about the reasons for his departures or his return to Nvidia, we did find it necessary to update this story in order to correct a previously published article. While it isn’t usually common for someone to go from one company to another and then return, it’s even more highly unusual when that happens to someone who goes between two companies that are direct competitors. Either way, we wish Sean the best at Nvidia and hope that things work out at Nvidia.