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HTC Apologizes for One Delays with $25 Giftcard


We just got an email in from HTC that apologizes for the delays of the deliver of the HTC One. As some of you may know, they experienced some shipping delays and other delays that pushed back the availability of some of their pre-orders for people who ordered from HTC’s site directly. These people were primarily people that ordered the 32GB unlocked and 64GB Developer Edition, which is also unlocked. I purchased a 64GB Developer Edition and got the following email from HTC only moments ago.

This is certainly the first step in mending some people’s relationship with HTC as some people were very unhappy with the delays. There have been rumors regarding some internal issues inside of HTC, which we just reported on. However, it remains to be seen how recent departures from the company will affect HTC’s future. If HTC is understanding how customer service works and how to keep customers happy, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Now, we just have to see how the One’s future software updates will roll through and what next devices HTC will have. HTC needs more than a one hit wonder to stay afloat.