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Nokia in Hunting Mode: HTC in Yet Another Patent Battle Chapter

Mere two months ago, the Finnish phone manufacturer managed to score a win in the patent injunction against the HTC. Meanwhile, things got complicated over the licensed components inside the HTC?s flagship One, and now Nokia is pushing even further into the patent game with an entirely new patent lawsuit avalanche.

This week brought a total of nine new patents-in-suit, as FOSS Patents reports. Six of them at the ITC, and three in the Southern District of California. As of this moment, Nokia has a straight 50 patent actions against the Taiwanese manufacturer. Speaking to The Inquirer this Friday, a Nokia spokesperson went on to say that the company had enough of HTC?s practices, as they continually tried to shift the responsibility to the component suppliers. ?We have therefore taken these further steps to hold HTC accountable for its actions,? he added.

Southern District of California has received a new complaint, with three patents involving "Terminal, Method and Computer Program Product for Interacting With a Signaling Tag?:

13-05-23 Nokia v HTC Patent Complaint

What is worth noting here is that this patent family also has some ?European? members, as FOSS notes in the report, which may in turn lead to some new patent cases throughout the EU. HTC One isn?t the sole product on the complaint list, as it includes One S, One V, One X, Evo 4G LTE, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Droid DNA, One X+, HTC First and HTC One VX.

Just as the case in California was raised, Florian Mueller managed to get ahold of a document where Nokia seeks an import ban in the U.S. against the HTC One. This is the second ITC complaint against the HTC Corp. and Mueller believes this action to be on par with the tactics Nokia used against the Apple. Six patents are involved in this case, and they include "method for using services offered by a telecommunication network, a telecommunication system and a terminal for it", "modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station", "method for encoding and decoding video information, a motion compensated video encoder and a corresponding decoder", "versatile antenna switch architecture", "use of configurations in device with multiple configurations" and ?portable electronics device? with a particular layout of the components inside a phone. For more details it is definitely worth reading the whole FOSS Patents report