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Cloudpaging Startup Numecent Closes $13.6M Round of Funding

We first spoke about Numecent back in march of last year, when they came out of stealth mode.

The company itself has a pretty impressive technology portfolio which could lend very well to the world of cloud where pixel streaming simply doesn?t cut it. We explained in our original article on Numecent?s technology and how it could theoretically revolutionize the way that we see and use the cloud. However, Numecent and their partners have remained mostly quiet regarding deployments of Numecent?s technology.

The real power of their technology is the ability to ?cloudify? almost any application so that minimal downloading of the target file is necessary. They break up the data into bits and only serve you what you need and simultaneously learn over time which bits of that program are needed and when. This allows for their cloud solution to not only use less data but to pre-fetch what you might need if your connection allows for it purely based on knowing what file you are most likely to need next.

Now, Numecent has secured $13.6 M in funding from T-Venture an arm of Deutsche Telecom, owner and operator of T-Mobile in Europe and US among other telecoms in Europe. The interest from a telecom company and the telecom industry illustrates that these carriers want to implement some form of cloudpaging to optimize the data crossing their networks and to simultaneously expand their services. As carriers become more and more service based and move away from just being a wireless pipe, we will likely see them try to innovate further while utilizing technologies like Numecent?s cloudpaging technology. The biggest problem that most carriers have with implementing new technologies and services tends to be bandwidth on their networks. While some may argue whether or not the carriers are spending enough money on the bandwidth of their networks, there is no doubt that they will always be fighting a losing battle of not enough bandwidth as data demand increases.

Numecent states that they plan to use the new funding to support the company to grow sales, marketing and engineering, essentially the whole company. They will also use part of the funding to make cloudpaging available on Linux, Android and other mobile platforms beyond the current windows support.

They will also be scheduling a press tour to help people see and understand how their technology works when implemented with different ISVs as well as potentially others. Personally, I?d like to see how such a technology works in the real world and how it could be implemented in the game industry among many others.