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Tim Cook: Apple Far From Trouble ? Opening Up

AllThingsD D11 conference hosted a number of leading figures of the industry once again. One of them was Apple?s Tim Cook, who kicked off the event. While there were no major revelations, Cook did hint at what was coming in the near future of the company.

Last year?s conference was very different in the approach to Tim Cook, as he was mostly bombarded with questions related to the position, in a post-Jobs era for the company. Situation now has an entirely different character to it ? and questions to Apple?s CEO followed that accordingly. Gray skies over the Cupertino are ubiquitous according to a number of analysts, and pressure from the government and competition are is increasing with every passing moment. Head of the Apple did not particularly comment on the analysts, but every word he spoke during the conversation had a special (if not crucial) significance.

It all began with Mossberg and Swisher asking a simple question of whether Apple is truly in trouble or not. Cook denied that to be the case, and stated some more of the amazing sales figures just for the argument?s sake. ?I feel pretty good. From my point of view, over my long tenure at Apple (?) we?ve always had competent rivals. (?) We?ve always suited up and fought. (?) We want to do the best phone, the best tablet, the best PC. I think we?re doing that,? said Cook. Regardless of the stock market status, Tim Cook believes that the company just has to continue focusing on the ultimate user experience and just make the best products ? while everything else will follow consequently.

Cook even answered the question everyone asks nowadays ? where is the Apple that builds the product that changes the face of the market (again)? If we are to believe his words, such products are being planned, though he didn?t confirm that they are necessarily coming very soon. ?We have several more game changers in us,? he said, while adding that the company is ?still present? in the TV segment as well ? though he considers the TV to be outdated as such.

What kind of a discussion would it be if the much-hyped Google Glass wasn?t mentioned? Indeed, Cook commented on that as well, noting that the device will certainly not be sold in masses and having the questionable usability for most people who are not accustomed to wear glasses. ?There?s lots of things to solve in this space,? Cook said, but continued on to say that the particular area of wearable gadgets is ?ripe for exploration. (?) The whole sensor field is going to explode. It?s a little all over the place right now.? Over time, Cook does believe everything regarding this area will become clearer, and that every major manufacturer will be involved in some way.

When it comes to the iOS, all rumors thus far point out that there will be significant changes ? at least regarding the general design. Feature-set extension remains a big unknown, though some leaks detail out the further social network integration (such as Flickr). Cook merely noted that we will find out everything soon enough and pass on judgment whether it is a big change or not. Subsequently, Cook said that the company has no desire to create their own social network, which, in a way, further confirms the earlier rumors of additional integration. After being asked of the iOS customization (keyboard, home screen, etc.), Cook said "you will see us open up more in the future." Those words were probably the most interesting part of the whole conversation that took place on the opening day of the D11 conference. Apple?s CEO went on to say that they don?t plan to risk the potentially bad experience for the end user, but they will certainly ?open up more?.

All of the changes for the next incarnation of the Apple?s mobile platform went through Jony Ive, and Tim Cook considers him to be the key figure now. Software aside, it is crystal clear that the next-gen iPhone will not have a larger screen. ?A large screen today comes with a lot of trade-offs,? Cook said while adding the quality and battery life as general issues; ?At this point, we?ve felt the Retina display that we are shipping is overwhelmingly the best.?

Apple has not been collecting the dust on their cash, as we found out that they bought nine companies this fiscal year alone. ?We do acquire. The previous year, we were probably on a pace of acquiring a company every 60-75 days. Maybe six a year.? Many of the companies Apple purchased remained unknown, as Cook noted that they announced only what they had to. Discussion was closed with questions from the audience, and Cook ended asking himself ?Do we need to do more? Yes. Always.? WWDC 2013 can?t come soon enough this year. Until then, take a look at the whole conversation: