Editorial: Taking BSN to the Next Level


The world has seen many changes over the past four years. The world at the time was PC centric, and all the talk about Post-PC world just ended up with inevitable collapse of the idea – people will buy more and more, and they will reject lack of innovation. This is the law in the automotive industry, in the airline travel industry (Emirates, watch this space), or in the personal computing industry, which is rejecting beige boxes and demands innovation.

When we started Bright Side of News, one of key reasons for that name (besides the Monty Python song – read P.S. for explanation) was to show that a media can succeed if we don’t join the rat race. Also, I did not want to cater to the ego, and the names TheoTech, TV, The World According to Theo and similar egoistical names – were never on the cards. Bright Side of News* was never about one person, but rather a team of people.

Our attitude was very simple – we would not accept $8,000 a month from a company if we needed to give 13-15 awards to that specific manufacturer. The same story went with companies that wanted to exchange our loyalty for their advertising dollars, go into forum shilling (as marketing representative of one green-chrome painted company offered to us). Our model of monetization enabled us to run Google Ads (which you still see on the site to this date) and remain independent, as well as attract non-industry advertisers such as campaigns for Lufthansa, Vodafone D2 Deutschland, Mercedes Benz UK and several others.

Our approach to the industry is an all-inclusive one – Bright Side Network, Inc. serves as the holding for all subsidiaries, including publications such as Bright Side of News and HDTelevizija, as well as video production facilities in California and Croatia, and financial analysts in California, Arkansas and Thailand. We are proud at the work we’ve done so far with clients such as Volkswagen Audi Group, Vodafone, Bonduelle, HBO, RightWare, Mobile TeleSystems and many others. The decision to base our technology on RED One 4K digital camera (1st customer in EMEA region) turned out to be the right one, and we are gearing to take things to another level.

Articles which you read on this site were used by various organizations and clients, going from the Federal Trade Commission in their case against Intel (regardless of what you think about Intel, the fact that the company did not change their approach in work with us is a clear statement of their professionalism) to invaluable clients on the Street, which again – helped us to remain independent and post our content the way how we see it, not how it was told to us to see it.

As we approached 2013, we decided to reorganize our company in order to drive the future, and this brings us to the subject of todays’ announcement. As of today, June 4th, 2013, I am stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of Bright Side of News*, leaving this role to a new force which will drive the site forward.

Many industry insiders already know Mr. Anshel Sag as a very exceptional young executive which is raising up the ranks, and it was my great satisfaction when Mr. Sag refused several six-figure offers to join companies we often write about.

I met Anshel at the first (and only) NVISION 2008 conference, which took place in San Jose. Anshel was working as Tech Support for EVGA, and came to the conference using his own money. When I left TG Daily and Tom’s Hardware, I will admit I shamelessly stole the line from Steve Jobs, and made the PepsiCo pitch "Do you want to support the company which does not appreciate you or do you want to join me and challenge the world?"
To my surprise, this young high-school graduate said yes and over the past four years, I’ve seen a young guy taking the industry titans with the same amount of respect, and yet the same truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth attitude I had after leaving EA and game development as such. Admittedly so, he’s less of a hothead than yours truly.

As far as I am considered, Anshel has proven that he is ready to take Bright Side of News* to the next level, and he has my full backing as the Group CEO. He will lead our new media projects that span beyond the Bright Side of News you have known so far, and well? prepare for an exciting ride.

Looking from my own side of things, the new organization enables me to actually work on content as well as position the Group to progress forward. I will be working as the CEO of all of the companies in the holding, but don’t worry – I will not compromise on my beliefs, no matter how many funds are involved. There will be plenty of things ahead for us, and we cannot wait to share all the news with all of you.

Stay on the Bright Side. It’s warmer here.

P.S. The origin of our name: