Meet the Next PureView, In Photos Only


Torrent of images of what appears to be the Nokia EOS (codename for the next PureView device) leaked yesterday from multiple sources. It seems that the Windows Phone descendant of the famous camera phone PureView 808 is just about to join the mobile game.

Although Nokia did in fact place the PureView naming on top of the Lumia 920, the device itself was never seen as the camera phone by consumers. While the low-light performance was fantastic, those who have seen what the 808 PV could do in terms of image quality were mostly left unimpressed by the 920. This is where the device codenamed EOS jumps in. 

The Nokia EOS profile compared to the Lumia 920

A series of leaks started with the WPDang leaking some assembly images that depicted the Lumia 920 ? but with an enormous circular hole in the place of the camera. Another shot shows that it is the ?hump? that could contain the 1/1.2" sensor. Not even hours from the initial leak, a twitter account ViziLeaks was created and started posting some detailed images of the device in testing. They revealed the XX MegaPixels marking, previously known to be found on the PureView 808 during its testing phase. Another shot revealed that the device still has a mechanical shutter ? and possibly the ND filter, just as the 808 used to have:

Back side of the device contains the camera bulge, and two contacts at the very bottom could be used to attach the wireless charging cover.

Just like the model Lumia 928, the prototype contains the LED flash and a small xenon flash, but this time in a circular bulge. What is known from all of the leaked images thus far aside from the general shape of the device (bearing resemblance to the Lumia 920), is the material used ? which remains polycarbonate. 

Bottom of the device reveals speaker perforations, as well as a USB socket and a lanyard u-port.  

GSMArena received plenty of photos soon after the general leak wave began. Device once again reveals the slim profile.

According to some sources, Nokia EOS could actually combine the optical image stabilization found in the 920 and the enormous imaging sensor found in the 808 ? but that rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, and so is the one that claims that the device is likely to carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. If the device is coming soon, the chances are it will have an older Qualcomm SoC, paired with a dedicated imaging processing chip. HTC 8X already does something similar, and the 808 PureView had to rely on such chip entirely in order to process the enormous amounts of data captured by the mighty Toshiba sensor. Yes, the Snapdragon 800 can process up to 55MP (with dual ISP) and the 600 can go up to 21MP – and the latter would still require an additional processing power. Then again, who knows – if the phone is released late(r) this year, we might be in for a surprise.

Thus far, yellow, black and red shell variants have leaked

UPDATE: A video of the lens in action has surfaced, additionally confirming the presence of the mechanical shutter