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New WP Build Leaks on a Device From eBay: To Blue, Or Not To Blue?

Occasionally, Reddit stories turn out to get a proper news mark instead of numerous tall tales that get reported. A user allegedly bought the second hand Nokia Lumia 920 off of eBay, and he received a working unit ? but even more than that. It was loaded with a bunch of developer and testing tools on top of a windows phone OS build 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407 that brought some (un)expected and welcome changes ? such as the notifications center, multitasking options, etc.

WP Blue Screenshots

This functional build of the platform still has its quirks, as the notifications center is activated by tapping the Live Tile for it – which is most inconvenient ? especially compared to how that particular feature is solved on Android and iOS (slide from the top of the screen). Naturally, it could be just there for testing purposes of the build. The other part of the story is the multitasking option to close hibernated apps from the view, and while there was no word whether the hibernated apps function the same way as now (with every option pane opened up as a separate card in the multitasking interface), it is a welcome change ? if it ends up in a final build of the system. 20130509 mark in the build likely refers to its compiling date (May 9, 2013).

The Calendar app received a slight redesign, with the weekly view present, and apparently it was possible to sort installed applications by their names or by frequency of use.

WP Blue Screenshots

Ending of the story unveiled earlier today, as the user got contacted by the Redmond folks ? and they made a deal to swap the device for a new one. Of course, the user had to close down the flickr gallery of screenshots.

While there are still many reasons to remain skeptic around this report, it bears a certain amount of significance as some sources have verified that this build was true. The problem is ? some claim that this was (as in ? axed) an early build of the Windows Phone Blue, while others claim that the notification center and other goodies are still coming up for the next update of the Microsoft?s mobile platform. Worth noting is certainly the fact that the company did say earlier that they didn?t develop the notifications center as they could not do it in time for the Windows Phone 8 launch. Let?s hope that the update looks better and more functional than it appears in screenshots, and hopefully it gets as officially detailed as the Windows 8.1 is. Feature-wise, this platform has a lot of catching up to do.