Huawei Wants to Launch a ?Very Important Product?

Huawei?s marketing campaign for their new smartphone has begun, though enthusiasts already know what the device will look like ? as it was among the recent worst kept secrets of the mobile world. When it got approved by Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center MIIT (China?s FCC, basically) sometime in April, it was the first peek into the general shape of the device and its specifications.

Fast-forward in time, and this very slim and lightweight device is about to be unveiled next Tuesday, on June 18. One can say that the campaign officially started with a wild video:

Following this, Richard Yu, Chairman of Huawei Device and CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group posted an image of the new device on his Facebook page saying ?You know, after using the P6 more and more, I’ve begun to notice how nice the side keys were designed and how good it felt to press them. Their positioning along the edge felt just right and natural. They aren’t protruding out too much so you don’t have to worry about the wrong button being pushed when it’s in your pocket, nor are they too flat that they’re uncomfortable to feel. We were able to find that "sweet spot."?

Huawei P6
Huawei P6 is at least partially made of metal, with a curved bottom part of the device

After that post, @evleaks posted some screenshots of what appears to be the Huawei?s new Emotion UI in three variants, as well as some specifications (that are in line with the leak from China?s certificate issuer).

Emotion UI
The EmotionUI on top of Android holds a few different themes 

Huawei Ascend P6 could carry the thinnest smartphone title for some time, as the 4.7-inch device is said to be only 6.18 millimeters thin, carrying a 1.5GHz quad-core processor (we suspect it could be the Hisilicon K3V2, which embeds Arm Cortex-A9 CPU and Vivante GC4000 GPU), 2GB of RAM as well as an 8MP rear camera capable of taking nice macro shots (4 cm distance). The not-so-obvious gem here is the front facing cam which will apparently be a higher-than-standard 5MP shooter with a ?face enhance? feature. The device itself should fit under ?reasonable? price tag category, according to some earlier information from the company?s CEO. Let?s see if there are any actual surprises left from Huawei next week.

Huawei P6 sketch
Huawei P6 design process