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NSA on Facebook, a Veritable Treasure Trove of Dark Humor

Lately, with the growth of social media and the presence of virtually every company on social media, we’ve begun to see people leaving feedback on the Facebook Timelines of people, companies, and organizations that have been in the public eye. Usually, these people, companies or organizations have done something that the general public finds reprehensible. One example was with the whole Amy’s Baking Company episode on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares show, where it was seen by the whole world that the restaurant mistreated their customers and employees. Then, people took to Facebook and Yelp to leave reviews and comments letting them and the world know how they felt about Amy’s Baking Company after watching that show.

Now, with the revelations about the PRISM program and the NSA virtually being able to spy on all Americans, the public has once again looked for a place to lash out at the NSA. The NSA, also known as No Such Agency, surprisingly has a Facebook page who’s sole goal is for recruitment, known as NSA Careers. While there is actually some talk about jobs on this page, many commenters have brought it upon themselves to let the NSA know about how they feel about their spying on both the jobs and non-jobs related postings. Personally, I find some of these comments incredibly hilarious even though the context of them is incredibly sad.

As you can tell, some of these commenters are serious posters while others are just there for the dark humor. I find myself a fan of dark humor, so perhaps this makes me laugh more than it will make some of you. Nonetheless, we are seeing people publicly lashing out on social media about the PRISM program and the phone records. As we wrote in our article about PRISM, in this digital age we need to protect ourselves as much as we can.