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Buy an HTC One? Get $25 in Google Play Credit From HTC til July 15th

So, after initially fumbling the product launch for some customers, and apologizing for it with $25 Google Play gift cards, HTC has decided to thank their new customers for supporting them by giving them a $25 Google Play credit for anything in the Google Play Store. This $25 credit includes music, movies and applications that are all available on the store. The only catch is that you have to purchase any time between June 14th and activate one of these phones and then register it before July 15th.

We’ve included a link above in the image on how to claim your $25 credit, but it seems pretty straightforward. HTC is really trying to give their customers a real added value in ways that their competition could only dream of. We’re sure that HTC isn’t going to make any money off of this, but I believe that they are trying to buy goodwill, loyalty and possibly sales. Since afterall, July 15th is a month away and that extra $25 credit will likely motivate some people to make the plunge.

We’re almost done with our HTC One review, but we can say that there’s a reason why HTC is promoting this phone so well, it is possibly the best Android phone ever made.