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Samsung?s Galaxy/ATIV event

South Korean company (LON:BC94) introduced a slew of products last night on stage in London, and some of them are certainly a sign of things to come. Android-everywhere and Galaxy-everywhere scheme is not subsiding by any means, as the Google?s platform nested in the Galaxy NX mirrorless camera, and an enormous Windows 8 hybrid as well.

Galaxy NX

Samsung was particularly proud of their Galaxy NX camera during the event. It is, just like the Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S4 Zoom, powered by Android, and it marks the major spot of distinction when compared to the rest of the NX line. The company calls it an interchangeable lens compact system camera (CSC), and it carries a 20.3MP APS-C sensor that can be paired up with any of the lenses previously available for their NX range (including the 3D lens, 13 in total). Galaxy NX is capable of recording FullHD video at 24 or 50fps, and ISO range goes all the way up to 25,600. Software side closely reminds of that found on the Galaxy S4 units, and the camera is equipped with ludicrous 30 smart modes for beginners.

Galaxy NX

Back of the device is basically an enormous 4.8-inch touchscreen with three Android-characteristic capacitive buttons. Innards remind of a smartphone/tablet range more than of a camera ? with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor (with separate DRIMe IV imaging processor), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of microSD expandable storage, and a 4360mAh battery. Even though the battery capacity seems solid, Samsung didn?t disclose any information on just how many shots on average will user be able to take before it drains.

ATIV Book 9

Series 9 of Samsung?s Ultrabook line of computers got a major refresh (and a slight rebrand) ? and yes, it is easy to guess, it includes the new generation of Intel?s Core i5/i7 processors (Haswell). Ultrabook range is now branded as ATIV Book 9 Plus (Intel) and ATIV Book 9 Lite (AMD). The 13-inch Plus version has a 12-hour battery life, and carries a 3200×1800 touchscreen covered with Gorilla Glass, and the company claims that they have improved on keyboard and trackpad experience as well.

ATIV Book 9 Plus

While the device is a bit on a heavy side (1.39kg) for an Ultrabook computer, given the specifications, it is difficult to mark it as an extremely negative spot. The Lite, on the other hand, is an affordable variant of the Samsung?s Ultrabook range. It carries a 13.3-inch (optional touch) screen, paired with AMD?s Kabini chips (that combine a quad-core Jaguar processor with AMD?s GPU on GCN architecture) and 4GB of RAM. Storage options, as well as pricing remain unknown ? though the company stated the products will become available this fall.


This curious hybrid seems like an enormous 13.3-inch Windows 8 tablet on the first sight, but the device is much more than meets the eye. Device sports the same WQXGA+ resolution screen and type as one found on the ATIV Book 9 Plus, and it also features a Haswell processor. Nothing special, one could say. Until the user swipes away and enters Android 4.2 in an instant ? and back again. Both systems are running in parallel and rely on Intel?s processor ? and, of course, virtualization software.

ATIV Q Screen

It is even possible to pin Android apps on the Windows 8 Start screen, and the company justified this move fairly elegantly on stage to avoid bashing the Windows 8 Store ecosystem ?You can have Windows 8?and all the Android apps you want.? The tablet comes with an active stylus, capable of recognizing 1024 levels of pressure, which could make it a fantastic deal for all the Photoshop folks out there.


There is more ? as the 13.9mm thick tablet can slide open (very much like the Sony?s Vaio Duo 13) and reveal a keyboard inside. Whole system is powered by a 47Wh battery, but it is unknown just how long will device be up and running before it drains out. Pricing and availability should be known closer to the actual launch later this year.

ATIV Tab 3

While the company was gentle on the Windows 8 approach, they weren?t so kind to the Windows RT. ?This device comes without all the limitations of the Windows RT,? they said on stage while presenting a 10.1? slab. 8.2mm thin ATIV Tab 3 tablet runs the full Windows 8 OS, and is powered by an Intel ATOM Z2760 processor paired with 2GB of LPDDR2 RAM. It also features a 1366×768 display, S Pen, and up to 10 hours of battery life. True bombshell of this product is the fact Samsung includes a full version of the Office, regardless of the fact such bonus was previously available on RT devices only.