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iBuypower Valkyrie Gaming Laptops Refreshed, 15" Model Added

So, as many of you may know, Nvidia and Intel have recently launched their latest iterations of their mobile CPUs and GPUs. As such, we’re already seeing some designs that are implementing both of the latest and greatest from each company. One of the companies on the forefront of both CPU and GPU implementation has been iBuypower.

The CZ-27

Last time around, iBuypower was one of the first companies to combine Ivy Bridge with Nvidia’s GTX 600M series of GPUs. This time is no different with the second generation of their Valkyrie laptops. We reviewed the CZ-17 last year and found it to be one of the best performing laptops for the money.

Today, iBuypower updated their Valkyrie line with the CZ-27, which is the second generation of the CZ-17 and a completely new model, the CZ-15. The CZ-27 and CZ-15 are internally almost identical, with the CZ-15 actually starting out with a faster GPU (GTX 780M) albeit at a higher price. Both laptops will have an Intel Core i7-4700Q, 8GB of RAM, and some sort of hard drive. Both start with a 500GB hard drive and move upward in terms of capacity from there. The CZ-15, however, will only ship with a GTX 780M in all three models while the CZ-27 will ship with a GTX 770M for the base model and ship the GTX 780M in the high-end model.

The new CZ-15, still chubby but very powerful and on a smaller screen with the same resolution

With the introduction of the 15" model, we are finally seeing a system that delivers 1080P display, a high-end CPU, high-end GPU and the whole package in a 15" formfactor. Something I personally have been waiting to become available for a long time. Judging from the paper specs and the look, this appears to be yet another MSI OEM system, but iBuypower appears to always be the first to ship with MSI’s designs and has proven to be a quality builder.

The systems will start at $1599 for the CZ-15 and the CZ-17 at $1349. The CZ-15 is without a doubt a pretty pricey system for someone to buy as a gaming laptop, but you have to consider that it is effectively the same spec as the 17" system which sells for $1749.

The CZ-27 looks almost identical to the CZ-17 from the outside, with a few accent differences.

My biggest complaint about the CZ-17 in the past was that it was too big to fit in most of my laptop bags. With this new 15" model, I have a feeling that iBuypower has gotten themselves into a much more friendly size that will enable them to sell their laptops to a lot more consumers. From my experience, these laptops are very well built and look a lot heavier than they actually are. We will see if any other improvements have been made to the Valkyrie line with the 15" other than just size. I also hope that they’ve addressed the touchpad issue with the touchpad having horrible palm rejection.