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Moto X From Motorola: Built by Americans, for Americans, in America

In an article on Ad Age, we’ve gotten a sneak peek at Google’s upcoming advertisements for the Motorola X phone, apparently known from here on out as Moto X. This phone has been rumored for quite some time by the press and further perpetuated by Google employees on Google+. Many of the rumors and hints have pointed to Google creating a phone that you can customize to your personal wants and needs. This has been considered to be a very risky and difficult endeavor since many phone manufacturers build their phones en masse in order to reduce manufacturing costs. Google’s efforts with the Moto X appear to go directly against such industry norms.

From what we can tell from the above advertisement for the Moto X, Google is focusing very heavily on the social, economic and personal aspects of this phone. They want the people that are buying this phone to know that the phones are personal to them and are being designed by them. In additional to the personal touch, Google is adding a patriotic touch to the brand by associating the American engineering and American assembly with the most patriotic of American holidays, the Fourth of July.

By the looks of what Google is doing, I have a feeling we will see devices with variable display sizes, SoCs, and probably case material. So, we could possibly see a Snapdragon 800 MotoX or a Tegra 4 Moto X with either a 4" or a 5" screen and possibly a plastic/polycarbonate or aluminum unibody case.

The rumors clearly have not subsided, but this advertisement will likely fuel even more rumors as to how Google will do this and exactly how much flexibility consumers will have when building their phones.