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Review: SteelSeries Limited Edition Dota 2 Bundle (Mouse + Pad)

Unboxing and Specifications

The SteelSeries Kana Dota 2 Edition is a well-crafted mouse made for Dota 2 players and fans. Unlike the regular SteelSeries Kana Mouse, this special Limited Edition comes in a completely different package. Coated in a layer of the famous Dota 2 art style, the box exhibits the mouse by showcasing it through a plastic cover.

The inner box is a red tray lightly packed with the mouse and the rolled up mouse pad. The mouse is simply bound with a plastic tie while the mouse pad is rolled up in the side compartment.

In addition to the main contents, a full Dota 2 game download code can be found on an included card. This will allow players who do not have access to the full game to play Dota 2. A limited edition ?Genuine Kantusa the Script Sword? in-game item is included with the full game. Please note that you will not be granted an additional Dota 2 Key if you already have access.

The Kana Limited Edition Mouse specs are below:

  • Counts Per Inch – 1,600
  • Double Counts Per Inch – 3,200
  • Frames Per Second – 3,600
  • Inches Per Second – 130
  • Acceleration – 30G
  • Lift Distance ~2 mm
  • Buttons – 6
  • Cable – 2m / 6.5 ft

First Impressions and Experience

The Kana Limited Edition is a beautifully designed mouse that is full of surprises. The mouse is very light as it is made mostly out of plastic. A Dota 2 logo can be seen on the mouse, completing a very Dota 2 Specific color theme. The mouse features 6 buttons in total, with bonus buttons on both sides of the mouse and below the scroll wheel.

Due to its great ambidextrous design, the Kana displays vertical symmetry. The additional mouse buttons can be triggered by squeezing your thumb or pinky. While the buttons are super smooth, the rest of the sides have a fine texture to increase grip.

The scroll wheel feels very fluid yet still retains control at high scrolling speeds. Just like the side buttons, the additional button for immediate CPI toggle is located on the bottom of the scroll wheel has a smoother texture than the rest of the scroll portion. The left and right mouse buttons are actually one piece of plastic instead of the conventional separated clickers. The texture on this part of the mouse is very smooth yet it still offers grip.

It didn?t take more than a few minutes to get used to the Kana. The mouse is surprising light and agile. The weight took a bit of getting used to since the Kana is feather light compared to most other gaming mice.

The positioning of the thumb button was perfect. The thumb is naturally positioned on the button, allowing easy access. The left and right mouse buttons feel very responsive. Despite the light weight, the buttons still feel very sturdy. The click sound is audibly fuller than the left/right clicking sound on a conventional mouse.

One interesting thing to note was that it takes slightly more pressure to use the left and right buttons. Considering the amount of right clicking in Dota 2, this could be a bit of a workout. Although there is no need to change the CPI when playing Dota 2, the CPI toggle button works brilliantly. A swift downward middle finger motion is used to toggle the CPI. It is obviously designed with FPS games in mind.
Dota 2 Experience

The Dota 2 Limited Edition Kana finely complements both current and new Dota 2 players. The mouse has everything a Dota 2 player would need.

For gamers who want to start playing Dota 2, the Kana already includes a full game access code. This allows those who do not have a beta key to access the game. While beta keys are abundant on the internet forums nowadays, the included key is still very valuable.

For experienced Dota 2 players, the Kana is a must have addition if you do not have a top of the line gaming mouse. The mouse is more than capable for Dota 2 at the 3,200 CPI setting. In addition, the side buttons solve one of Dota 2?s biggest gripes: the item hotkeys. With additional buttons on this mouse, the user can configure the side buttons to be item hotkeys. Tread switching and using the magic stick just became much easier to access. The possibility of moving 2-4 slots to your right hand while playing Dota 2 could potentially boost your in game performance. The light weight of the mouse can also make users feel more at ease.
Value and Conclusion

The Limited Edition Kana Mouse is a well built, lightweight gaming mouse that is perfect for Dota 2 players. This beautiful Dota 2 themed mouse has just the right number of features for the experienced Dota 2 player. Although it does have a degree of a plastic-y feel to it, its functionality proves that this feeling is only superficial.

The MSRP of the Limited Edition Kana is $64.99. Despite the fact that it is $15.00 greater than the standard Kana, its bonus contents make this bundle very worthwhile. Although many may think that the full game code is no longer of value since Valve has announced Dota 2 going open beta, the true value lies within the item ?Genuine Kantusa the Script Sword?. With the development of the Steam Community market, users are now easily able to sell their in game items for a profit. The ?Genuine Kantusa the Script Sword? currently has a value of over $60. This is almost the price of the mouse! Because of this, players can essentially get this mouse and mousepad for under $20. If you do not already have a high end gaming mouse, the Kana Dota 2 Limited Edition Bundle is not simply a deal, but really a steal.