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Heml.is – A Truely Secure Private Messaging App


Heml.is is a secure messaging app that is designed to deliver end to end encryption. The goal of this software is for the provider not to have any ability to decrypt the already encrypted messages and only for each user at the end of the message to be able to read the message. This product is a collaboration between Peter Sunde (@brokep), Leif Högberg (@leihog) & Linus Olsson (@bonq). For those unaware, Peter Sunde is one of the Co Founders of the popular torrent sharing website The Pirate Bay. Even with this tidbit of information, we still want to see what these guys are all about.

This software is designed to be a response to the PRISM revelations.

With this application, Heml.is, will be a totally free application. The only thing is that those that help fund the application or pay for the application once it has launched will get additional features such as the ability to send images in addition to just text. As far as we can tell, it looks like simple text messaging will always be free on this application, however it is possible that limitations could still exist.

In the picture above, we can get an idea of what they are trying to accomplish with this application, they want to keep the application simple and about messaging. The security is the primary goal and usability is second, so they’re doing everything to keep it simple. In addition to the pictured iOS version above, Heml.is will also be available as an Android application, effectively covering about 90% of the entire smartphone market. We’re glad to see that they recognize that you have to at least launch an application on Android and iOS if you want to be taken seriously.

They are currently soliciting donations of $5 up to $500 with varying benefits of donation. See below for what you get for different types of donations.

We wish them the best and we hope to see this application come online relatively soon. At the time of writing, they were at about $4,000 and 4% of their goal, which appears to be $100,000. Upon updating this article, it appears that they’ve added another 2% in a matter of minutes. So, it appears that the word is getting around. You can donate to them via Paypal or Bitcoin, which is a bit awesome for them to offer but not surprising considering the point of this application, the people making it, and the audience they are catering to.