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Virtuix Omni Hits $1 Mil on Kickstarter, Will Do an AMA and Be at Comicon!

Some of you may not know who Virtuix is or what the Omni does. To put it plain and simple, the Virtuix Omni is a virtual reality platform, and when I say platform I mean it in the most literal sense of the word. It’s an actual platform you stand on and walk across while inside of games, be they VR games or not. Realistically, you’d be better off using the Virtuix Omni with an Oculus Rift, but you don’t have to. We recently got a chance a few weeks ago to try it out for ourselves and I must say, it was pretty fun once you got the hang of it. We’ve got a video below with the creator of the Virtuix Omni, Jan Goetgeluk, showing you how the Omni works.

So, what’s the big deal about today? Well, First, the Virtuix Omni broke over $1 million in Kickstarter funding on their kickstarter page. This means that nearly 3,000 people have put their faith in Virtuix’s ability to deliver a passive virtual reality gaming platform. Why is it a big deal? Because only a handful of projects ever pass a million dollars donated, and so far, the ones that have gotten that much funding have generally gone on to become wild successes.

In addition to getting $1 Million, Jan will be doing an AMA on Reddit on Tuesday the 16th at 11am Central time (9am Pacific). He will be answering any and all of your questions about the Omni that haven’t already been answered by us or him, even though I must admit there aren’t many more questions to ask at this point. The general consensus is generally ‘take my money’.

Now, after they do the Reddit AMA, the guys from Virtuix will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego (our home town) and will be at NerdHQ. Backers who visit NerdHQ at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday the 18th will be in for a special treat. The Omni will be part of Machinima’s exclusive event on Thursday night and the guys at Omni have been given tickets to their VIP party. If you visit the Omni guys at NerdHQ before 5PM they will give you up to 2 tickets  to the exclusive event starting at 9pm. Remember, this is ONLY for backers of the Omni, so if you haven’t already backed the Omni, it might be time. NerdHQ this year will be located INSIDE of Petco Park (the baseball park where the San Diego Padres play, not an actual park) so you can’t miss it.

Below, we’ve got some pictures of the Virtuix Omni and our experience playing around with it, including a picture of me all geared up.

Kinect, Maingear Gaming PC, and Virtuix Omni and Projector (Left to right)