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Sprint Suffering Nationwide Outages?


Reports are pouring in that Sprint’s network is suffering nationwide outages of calling and texting. We are getting these reports from multiple sources as well, with almost all of them confirming that the network is down nationwide. Most people have been complaining to Sprint, but the sheer number of customers that are calling in has caused their phone system to crash. Customers are being told that it is a nationwide outage, but it may not affect all customers. This comes right on the heels of Softbank’s acquisition of Sprint finally being closed on July 10th.

Softbank’s acquisition of Sprint for $20.1 billion comes at a time when Sprint has struggled to keep up with their competitors, Verizon and AT&T. And we are seeing T-Mobile going through a rebirth and will likely replace Sprint as the number three carrier in the US. Sprint’s current problem is that their network is slow, their coverage is poor, and their phone selection is dismal. In order for Sprint to mount a comeback with Softbank’s acquisition, they must absolutely prevent things like this from EVER happening. Perhaps they need a fundamental network infrastructure overhaul, but we’ve seen what Verizon’s network backbone looks like and I have a feeling that Sprint’s doesn’t look like that.

So, if you’re a Sprint customer, don’t freak out just yet. Your phone is likely not the problem and you will probably be without phone and texting service for a few hours. Once the problem is fixed you will likely need to power down and power back up your device, a simple restart may work as well depending on your device. We wish all Sprint subscribers the best of luck and that something like this will not happen again with Softbank in charge.