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LG, Lenovo and ZTE Rise Against Apple and Samsung


After a long time, vendors other than Samsung and Apple managed to score positive results in the mobile world. According to the IDC, some of the phone manufacturers recorded a triple-digit growth rate, and that’s not only for their feature phone offerings ? but Android smartphone units as well. IDC data shows that Lenovo and LG have managed to rise by 130.6% and 108.6% in smartphone unit shipments when compared year-over-year. Even though both Apple and Samsung managed to sell more smartphones, they did lose market share by a few percentage points, thanks to the fierce competition. "The smartphone market is still a rising tide that’s lifting many ships," said Kevin Restivo, Senior Research Analyst with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. "Though Samsung and Apple are the dominant players, the market is as fragmented as ever. There is ample opportunity for smartphone vendors with differentiated offerings." Other IDC analysts also believe that there are a number of opportunities in various market segments ? not only the high-end part, as lower-priced devices continue to gain traction and consumer interest, especially in the developing world.

Worldwide, the opportunity was seized perfectly, as manufacturers shipped a total of 237.9 million smartphones in 2Q13, 52.3% more than in the same period last year (156.2 million units). In total, global market saw a rise in mobile phone shipments by 6%, reaching 432.1 million units. When it comes to smartphone vendor comparison, it is definitely worth noting that Samsung still shipped more devices than the next top four vendors combined, as reported by IDC. Still, analysts believe it is more of a situational thing as consumers reached the peak in interest with the Galaxy S4, and the company did lose a couple of percentage points in market share. Smartphone-wise, Samsung holds 30.4% of the market share for 2Q13, followed by Apple (13.1%), LG (5.1%), Lenovo (4.7%) and ZTE (4.2%). IDC believes that new devices from the Lumia line from Nokia might actually help return the fallen Finnish phone manufacturer to the top five vendors list in the next quarter. Until that happens, together with Sony, HTC and BlackBerry it will remain in the Others category.

Nokia still managed to hold the second place in total mobile phone shipments and market share for 2Q13, but year-over-year results are still on a downward spiral by 27% (with 61.1 million shipped units). Samsung holds the first place in this segment as well, with 113.4 million shipped mobile phones. Thus far, everything seems to go in the line of the IDC?s own prognosis from this June ? and this is indeed a big year for smartphone (wars). Another analytical firm IHS, noted earlier that there will be more than 1.5bn of smartphones shipped by 2017.