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The Kickstarter Weekly 5 – July 30th

This is the second week in which we are taking a look at five tech projects from the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter that have caught our eye.

To start off this week?s projects we are looking at is an optical device called FluoroVu that you can attach to your smartphone or tablet with either a 30 pin or micro-USB connector in order to view and capture UV florescent images. This optical device uses a printed circuit board or PCB with six LEDs encased in two pieces of anodized aluminum sealed with an epoxy. In order to make the most of the attachment an application has been developed for both the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. This application allows you to do several things such as change color, contrast, zoom and also enter captions on pictures even without the attachment. In order to get the optical attachment and the application for the smartphone you have to pledge a minimum of $29 US Dollars for the early bird special and $39 US Dollars once the early bird specials are all gone. For the attachment and application for the tablet you have to pledge $39 US Dollars.  

The next project that peaked our interest is valet charging station called Juucer. What makes this valet station special is that there is an edition that includes Qi wireless charging as well as standard USB charging. The edition with just USB charging uses a single power cord to enable six USB charging ports. The outputs will 500 mA on 4 of the ports, and 750-1000 mA on two of them with the possibility of having all of them being 1000 mA (1w). The device itself it made of brushed aluminum and will have a rubberized top that will make sure your devices do not slide off while charging. It has opening on the top bottom and side which allows you to feed the charging cable wherever your charging port on your phone is located. To receive the USB only edition you need to pledge £64 Pounds + £14 for shipping outside the United Kingdom which is $120 US Dollars at today?s conversion rate. To receive the USB and Qi charging edition you need to pledge £79 Pounds + £14 Pounds for shipping outside the United Kingdom or $143 US Dollars at today?s conversion rate.

The third project we are looking at allows you to monitor your cars system just like a professional mechanic. The device is called the MotoBox and it plugs into your car and collects data on your entire car. The data that is collected is instantly uploaded via Wi-Fi connection to view online with the Application Programming Interface (API) or through graphs. If you subscribe, the data from the MotoBox can then be saved on the MotoServer which allows you to use the data to create applications that will use this data for different purposes. One use for this device is identifying what is causing the check engine light to come on through diagnostic trouble codes. To receive just the device and have access to the graphical data it records you have to pledge $129 US Dollars and to receive access to the API for 12 months with the device you have to pledge $139 US Dollars. To receive access to the MotoServer for 12 months with the device you have to pledge $149. 

This next project is similar to the Lernstift Kickstarter project that we looked at last week since it is another device made to help children how to write. This device, called the AppCrayon deluxe, is a pen made for the Apple iPad. It features a triangular smart grip that lets you know if you are holding it too tightly. It also has an eraser button and six color buttons. The way the AppCrayon works is every time the eraser or color buttons is pushed a certain sound is emitted and the iPad microphone picks up that sound and changes the function of the capacitive tip. The pen?s eraser and color functions currently only work in the in the software provided but the capacitive tip works as a regular stylus on all other applications but the SDK that would allow other applications to use the functions is being released by the developer. To receive the AppCrayon Deluxe you need to pledge $30 US Dollars and to receive the developer edition which comes with the SDK and an AppCrayon from the pilot batch. 

The last project we are looking at this week is designed to make using your wired mouse a lot easier to use. The project is called Mousecord Active Suspension Tower or M.A.S.T. What it does is take any corded mouse you own and plug it into the M.A.S.T which mounts on your monitor with Velcro. The M.A.S.T then connects to your computer and allows you to have freedom of movement. This movement is due to there being a spring attached to the M.A.S.T which stretches and contracts with your need giving you the illusion that there are no wires at all. This product is ideal for gamers that want the freedom of a wireless mouse with the response time of wired mice and don?t want to worry about charging the wireless mice. To receive this product you have to pledge $25 US Dollars and to receive a professional mouse pad and the M.A.S.T you have to pledge $50 US Dollars. 

Check back again next week for more Kickstarter Weekly 5 projects that we find that seem promising and could change the world of tech and gaming.