SteelSeries and Valve Introduce DOTA 2 Headset and Mousepads at The International 3


SteelSeries and Valve announced a new Siberia v2 DOTA 2 Edition Headset and new mousepads at The International 3 Tournament in Seattle.

The Siberia v2 Illuminated Gaming Headset Dota®2 Special Edition will retail for $119.99 and along with all the standard features of the illuminated Siberia v2 headset, it will have a custom color scheme as well as an exclusive in-game item, Scythe of Vyse for Nature?s Prophet. In addition to the new headset, the two new SteelSeries QcK+ Dota 2 Edition Mousepads will retail for $19.99, featuring character artwork from the game. One will be the Tiny edition and the other will be the Vengeful Spirit edition.

The headset and mousepads will first be available tomorrow to attendees at the International 3 tournament in Seattle, and will be available for purchase online later this summer.

For more information, check out SteelSeries dedicated DOTA 2 peripherals here.