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AMD Drops Radeon HD 7990 Price by $200+


So, AMD has dropped the price of their flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 7990 which features two of AMD’s GPUs on a single card code named Malta. This card has traditionally sold for $999 or more since it’s launch date back in late April. The card itself is AMD’s own answer to non-reference 7990 cards and the lack of competitive GPUs to compete with Nvidia’s Titan GPU. The HD 7990 itself has experienced some pretty good sales, but at $1000 is pretty inacessible to most consumers like Nvidia’s Titan. We found that this card was pretty good at lower resolution gaming (1080P) and had some microstutter issues in one game, which AMD recently patched in their latest driver. Other than that, this is the fastest gaming card that you can use for OpenCL compute with it being even faster than two HD 7970 GHz Editions in CrossFire.

Now, the card is selling for about $200-$300 less, which puts it within the realm of the GTX 780, a slightly slower version of the GTX Titan as we found in our review. The gaming experience of the HD 7990 should be better than the GTX 780, so it really depends how cheaply you can get the card from places like Newegg. It is a very big card, but it is much more affordable now with the performance to enable some really great gaming. We’re hoping to get a comprehensive 4K gaming article up shortly now that Nvidia’s drivers have fixed their 4K monitor support.

Below are some of the prices that you can find on As you can tell from the top entry, these cards are going for as low as $699 with rebate cards. However, it appears that MSI hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet and their card is still going for $999, which is the old MSRP pricing.

From the information we were able to gather, this price drop was not a result of slumping sales or lack of competition with Nvidia’s parts, but rather the fact that this card will be obsolete relatively shortly. AMD wants to clear out their stock in order to make sure that they don’t have any of these left by the time they announce the Hawaii GPU in late September and launch shortly therafter. After all, any major GPU announcement usually means a death sentence for the current generation’s sales.

Either way, this price cut means that you can get a very fast GPU for a much more affordable and reasonable price than before. While we have no indications about what AMD’s next generation GPU will be priced at, I have a feeling that this price cut is a signal that the next generation GPU will likely be a $1000 single GPU part in order to compete with Nvidia’s Titan. All we can hope for is that it will perform up to the price segment and maybe the competition from AMD will drive Nvidia to drop prices and eventually stop this $1000 GPU madness. We at BSN* love competition, it’s good for everyone.