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Lavabit Shuts Down to Protect Civil Rights From Government

The email service, Lavabit has abruptly halted service to customers amid what appears to be bullying by the US authorities. While no authorities are directly named, it is quite clearly alluded that the US governmental authorities are making the founder of Lavabit’s life very difficult legally. It appears that they have likely been trying to subpoena information from him or simply demanding information from him, and he’s refused. Why would they do that? Because Lavabit is the secure email service that Edward Snowden has been or was using and the government clearly knows it.

In a very sad and heartfelt letter, the founder of Lavabit details the reasons for shutting down the service and explains what his next moves will be in order to enable the service to exist while still staying out of jail.

Essentially, the government is clearly asking him to break what he believes to be crimes against the American people and unconstitutional reaches of power. However, even his ability to speak about the situation is limited by whatever governmental organization is trying to get information from him. Nevertheless, he is fighting the demands of whatever agency is trying to get information about Snowden. He would rather throw away 10 years of hard work than to allow for his peers and users to have their rights violated by the government.

If you’d like to support his ability to defend Lavabit against the government’s questionable requests, you can head over here and support him via PayPal.