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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – August 14th

This is our fourth week doing the Kickstarter Weekly 5 projects and we’re not stopping. Hopefully you guys are enjoying these projects and us helping you find the ones that we find the most interesting.

On our fourth week of looking at Kickstarter we have found five new technology projects to share with you.
For the first project we are looking at a new mouse design. The gStick is a mouse that is designed to look and be used just like a pen. The reasoning for this design was that people have always complained about how uncomfortable using a regular computer mouse is because of the way you are forced to hold it. To fix that the gStick takes the shape of a pen, which has been around for centuries and makes it into a mouse. The gStick uses a removable track ball with a 1200 dpi on the tip to control movement along with a scroll wheel and right and left mouse button. The current gStick uses a USB dongle to make it wireless but the creator has stated he looking into make a Bluetooth model if there is enough interest. The gStick is also compatible with both Apple Mac computers and Microsoft Windows computers. To receive this cool and innovative product you have to pledge $25 US Dollars for the earliest bird special and $27 US Dollars for the early bird special which both allow you to choose four different colors. 

The second project we are looking at is a product that is made for recording action sports data. The projected named Trace is a data collection unit with a mount that allows you to put it either your helmet or skate/surf/snow board. The Trace device itself uses 9 different axis sensors, an advanced multi-Hz GPS and its own processor to collect data. Some of the types of data that Trace can collect are speed, height, and what trick you were trying, and if you completed the trick. To transfer that data it also has Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smart device. Then on either your Apple or Android smart device there we be an application that will decode all the data Trace collected and show you all the different things you did. Even though Trace does all these things and comes with all those parts it still comes in a package that is shockproof and waterproof and is only 2 inches in diameter and 0.86 inches tall. To receive this device you have to pledge $129 US Dollars to be a beta tester and receive one of the first Trace devices off the production line and $149 US Dollars to receive a Trace after beta testing has been completed.  

The next project we are looking at is new and surprising accessory for your smartphone or tablet. This project called TREWGrip is a ?handheld typing device? that allows you to mount your device on top of it using a suction cup. The TREWGrip has a complete QWERTY keyboard that has been rotated and split up so that the movements you make are almost like using a normal keyboard. But unlike normal keyboards the keys are in the back but on the front there is picture of each key that lights up once pushed in the back. The TREWGrip also has navigation keys which are on the front unlike the rest of the keys. On each side of the TREWGrip are rubber grips that can be customized with different sizes or colors. To connect to your device the Mobile Mount TREWGrip uses integrated Bluetooth and the Universal Mount TREWGrip uses a Bluetooth USB dongle. The Universal Mount will also have an integrated gyroscope which can be used to control mouse movement on regular computers. The TREWGrip will use a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which they say will last for 10 hours. To receive the Mobile Mount TREWGrip you will need to pledge $249 US Dollars for the black grips and $269 US Dollars for color grips. For the Universal Mount TREWGrip with black grips you need to pledge $349 US Dollars and for the color grips $369 US Dollars. 

The fourth project we are looking combines three different things into one. The project named US3 Drive combines a USB flash drive with a stylus and smartphone stand. The US3 Drive comes in four different storage capacities 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. And that storage will be protected from any water damage because the US3 Drive is water proof. The stylus on the US3 Drive works on all touchscreen devices so you have to worry about going through a list to see if your device is compatible. The stand on the US3 Drive works with every Apple and Android device. The US3 Drive comes in six different colors and to receive one with an 8GB capacity you need to pledge $15 US Dollars for the early bird special, then $20 US Dollars regularly. For the 16GB capacity you need to pledge $30 US Dollars and for the 32GB capacity you need to pledge $45 US Dollars and lastly for the 64GB capacity you need to pledge $75 US Dollars.  

The last project we are looking at is for the griller in the household. The project is called BBiQ and wants to make grilling anything easy. BBiQ combines both hardware and software to cook the perfect meal. The BBiQ hardware currently consists of an ATmega328 which is a microcontroller that they have implemented so it can use two different temperature probes to monitor food temperature. It also has an RGB LED and a buzzer to show alerts if it is not connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. While the BBiQ is connected to your smartphone or tablet the application, currently available only on Android, can be used to monitor the temperature, send alerts, and send new target temperatures to the probes. The application can also be used without the BBiQ by using your own thermometer because it will provide all target temperatures that you should look for. It will also tell you the approximate time it should take to reach those temperatures. While the application for Android has been finished the BBiQ design is not completely finished because the creators are looking to make it smaller and add an LCD screen to display temperatures. To receive the base model BBiQ and one temperature probe you need to pledge $39 US Dollars for early bird and $49 US Dollars regularly or pledge $59 US Dollars to receive two temperature probes. To receive the advanced BBiQ with three temperature pro
bes you need to pledge $89 US Dollars and to receive the advanced BBiQ with LCD screen you need to pledge $119 US Dollars.