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Nokia Bandit – Windows Phone Phablet Competitor

Unsurprisingly, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) wants to enter the phablet market ? perhaps filling the final piece in the Lumia range, after launching the camera-oriented Lumia 1020 in the United States.  Sources known to The Verge and familiar with internal plans of the company claim that the Finnish mobile manufacturer is currently testing a 6-inch device codenamed ?Bandit?.

Nokia Leaked Parts

Phone Designer recently created the Lumia 1025 – a concept phablet device from Nokia, based on the leaked parts which supposedly show the upcoming model:

Nokia Phablet Concept

The device is said to be powered by the upcoming Windows Phone update GDR3, which enables rotation lock, some minor user interface changes including a third column of medium tiles, as well as support for the latest SoCs (Qualcomm Snapdragon 200-800 range) and 1080p screens. Bandit is reportedly made of polycarbonate body, not aluminum, and it includes ?at least a 20MP camera? that produces a miniature hump on the back side of the unit. Some have already begun speculating whether that camera could be based on the Pelican Imaging technology (16-lens array camera) where Nokia (and Qualcomm) recently made some investments ? but this could be too soon, as the company claimed that this tech could see light of the day sometime during 2014.

Phablet race is about to begin once again, with Nokia joining the ranks of Samsung?s Note, HTC?s One Max and Sony?s Xperia Z Ultra. At the same time, Hi-Tech-Mail.Ru has received an invitation for a ?World premiere? Nokia event on August 28 in Moscow. While some believe it might be too soon to announce a device that will come only months after (as reports note that Windows Phone GDR3 should become available before the end of the year), nothing is impossible at this point – not even the rumored Nokia Windows RT tablet device.

Nokia World Premiere Event Invite

Lumia concept images via Phone Designer
Sources: The Verge & Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru