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Tesla Model S Achieves Best Safety Rating Ever


Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] late yesterday announced that they had achieved the highest safety rating of any car ever tested (by the NHTSA) for their already wildly popular Model S. Considering that this announcement was made after hours, I believe that there’s a chance this will further positively impact Tesla’s share price even further. Right now, Tesla is delivering Model S vehicles internationally, continuing their roll out of Model S deliveries and production. Since countries like Norway and Switzerland are beginning to take deliveries, there is a good chance that the cars themselves will begin to advertise the brand further almost free of charge for Tesla.

If you look at the actual test results that Telsa posted regarding the Model S and the NHTSA testing, you can see that Tesla’s Model S is quite the outlier, in a positive way.

This five star rating from the NHTSA means that Tesla will have yet another feature to advertise when selling the fully electric car to consumers. As if the facts that it is independent of fossil fuels (depending on how electricity is generated in your region) and capable of neck-breaking acceleration weren’t enough. While nobody will argue that Tesla’s Model S is a very well built luxury car, it appears as though they’ve managed to build a very safe one at the very same time, which will give consumers even more piece of mind when buying their first fully electric vehicle.

While we’re still waiting for our Tesla Model S review vehicle to arrive, we can tell you that from our experiences there is no reason to doubt the Model S’ safety and durability in a crash. While we never hope to crash a Model S, it is good to know that the thing isn’t a deathtrap but actually an incredibly safe, fairly green car.