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Qualcomm Announces New Toq Smartwatch

Qualcomm has today announced their Toq smartwatch with a color screen and still gets days of battery life. The display is visible in direct sunlight and gets impeccable battery life. This is enabled by Qualcomm’s display technology called Mirasol… it is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth and is paired with stereo bluetooth headphones. We also got a hands on below:

The watch and the headphones will be wirelessly charged and completely wearable with the watch and headphones being completely wireless. The watch and headphones will also be wirelessly charged as well. They will be integrating their AllJoyn connectivity and planning software updates for things like their 2net health platform for self monitoring.

The watch will be available in a limited release of these watches in the USA in the fourth quarter of this year. But wait, there’s more… all of the people attending the Keynote after the presentation all of the attendees will receive a voucher for a watch at a later date.

We have talked to Qualcomm about the smartwatch and got some more details about it which include the display size, processor, weight and dimensions. This device appears to be a perfect synthesis of Qualcomm’s technologies and serves as a perfect marketing tool for Qualcomm’s Mirasol displays. The truth is that they had a hard time making and selling these displays at a profit in tablet form factor sizes, however, smartwatches are perfect for this technology and give you the best visibility in sunlight and power consumption while still being color displays.

Wrist bands adjustable to fit wrist sizes between 6 inches and 8.7 inches and and total watch face size 43.3mm high 47.6mm wide and 9.96mm thick. The display itself measures 1.5 inches diagonally and will sport a display resolution of 288×192, which will supposedly product a pixel density of 230 PPI. The processor inside will be an off the shelf ARM Cortex M3 We also have some exclusive photos of the watch as worn by yours truly as well as the watch inside of the charging case held by Rob Chandhok.