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RAM Giveaway ReDraw Winners Announced!

As you can remember, we had originally kicked off our RAM giveaway in partnership with Kingston to give away five kits of their Kingston HyperX Anniversary Edition ram in kits of 16GB and at 1600 MHz. We had over 1,000 entries and this was the biggest contest that we have ever run in the history of BSN*. However, out of the five winners that we had posted, only three had claimed their prizes within the allotted time period and as such, we were forced to run a redraw for the two remaining kits of RAM.

After going over the new entries, which still numbered over 100 entries, we have finally come to a decision on the winners of the new contest.

The winners are:
Dan Proctor
Neil George

Please follow our previous contest’s rules about how to contact us to claim your prize and congratulations on winning.

As always, stay tuned to BSN* for more giveaways and reviews and news about hardware as we continue to try to deliver the best news and reviews that we can.