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First Windows Phone Phablet Appears in a Press Photo


Just as the earlier leaks have suggested, the Nokia ?Bandit? seems to carry the name Lumia 1520 in its final form, as Twitter handle @evleaks posted the first press image of how the phablet looks like. Judging by the third column of Live Tiles on the screen, the unit is most definitely running the next version of Windows Phone (GDR3) which, among other things, brings the support for 1080p screens, new SoCs from Qualcomm, etc.

Lumia 1520

Overall design of the unit seems to be following the lines of some earlier Lumia models, and it remains to be seen how that shape actually holds up in what is rumored to be a 6-inch device. What is quite noticeable (aside from the third column of tiles in the front) is the round camera hump with large lens element found on the back side, not very different to the one found on the Lumia 925 (and paired with what appears to be a dual LED flash). The unit is rumored to carry ?at least? a 20MP rear shooter, but it is highly unlikely we are talking about the same unit found in the Lumia 1020.

Lumia 1520 WPCentral
Unit was previously leaked in a photo at WPCentral, though some doubts regarding authenticity existed at that point

Lumia 1520 Start Screen
Before posting the press image of the Lumia 1520, @evleaks revealed a screenshot of the coming start screen UI

According to the earlier rumor set, the Lumia 1520 will carry the latest and greatest from the Qualcomm portfolio ? the Snapdragon 800 SoC paired with 2GB of RAM. Unit is reportedly being tested on AT&T and should come to U.S. market later this year, likely after Microsoft presents the GDR3.