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AMD Toys with Intel at IDF 2013: Passes Out Potato Chips

While everyone was getting ready for IDF to begin, AMD decided that they would try to rain on Intel’s parade for Intel IDF 2013. The truth is that AMD has always done counter-IDF activities in the past, but this is their boldest in most recent memory. This year, AMD has decided that they will promote their developer conference by handing out cans of Pringles with some AMD logos and a piece of paper inviting people to try a different chip. AMD also has a site promoting their activities during IDF as well as their developer conference.

One of our Writers, Marcus Pollice, got a can of Pringles and the flier

As we walked close towards Moscone, we saw what appeared to be dozens of people passing out AMD branded cans of Pringles offering a new type of chip. We were offered chips about two or three times after we got ours, however, it was pretty entertaining to see as many people with AMD red shirts passing out fliers and cans of chips all the way around IDF.