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Apple: We?re on 64-bit. | Samsung: We?re There, Too!

Samsung?s mobile head Shin Jong-kyun has confirmed to The Korea Times that they are preparing their own range of 64-bit chips, just as Apple has announced their own 64-bit A7.

Samsung Electronics is planning for the new chips to enter in the upcoming ?more powerful and faster? Galaxy-branded smartphones, but this isn?t going to happen immediately. ?Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,? Shin said to The Korea Times, adding that he did pay close attention the iPhone announcement. Samsung officials believe that Apple is going to continue having a hard time selling their units in China, but they certainly don?t want to allow being left behind in development.

While Schiller was on stage during the iPhone keynote, he boasted that it took years before the 64-bit transition happened in the PC world, but it is more than likely that the similar (if not the same) thing will happen in the mobile world as well. Worth noting is that the ARM disclosed technical details and embraced the 64-bit processing in October 2011 – after years of work! "The evolution of ARM to support a 64-bit architecture is a significant development for ARM and for the ARM ecosystem. We look forward to witnessing this technology’s potential to enhance future ARM-based solutions," it was noted in the press release, with information that consumer and enterprise prototype systems were expected in 2014. Nevertheless, the future looks interesting, and we can?t wait to see what other competitors joining in on this territory have to offer in due time.

Source: The Korea Times