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Battlefield 4 Beta Announced, October 1st!

As we inch closer and closer to the final release of Battlefield 4, we cannot forget one of the most crucial steps in the game’s development. The Beta testing phase. The guys and girls over at EA have announced that they will be releasing the beta of Battlefield 4 to a restricted audience on October 1st and to the public (Xbox, PS3 and PC) on October 4th. This follows after they announced the recommended hardware specs for the PC version of the game, which we reported on only a week ago.

As you can tell, those getting early access to the Beta will primarily be those with pre-orders of the deluxe edition (most people get the deluxe edition when they pre-order). The people with BF3 Premium (which I refused to get) and the people that suffered through Medal of Honor, which if you remember was one of the guarantees of buying that game. You would get early Battlefield 4 access, so good on them for actually doing that.

The game itself will release in North America on PC on October 29th, meaning that there will be a solid 3 weeks of Beta testing for this game and people will really get a chance to decide whether or not they want to play this game by the time it comes out. Additionally, I have a feeling DICE will be working feverishly to iron out bugs during that time. Additionally, the only map available during the Beta will be Siege of Shanghai in conquest mode, which means that map will likely have most most bugs ironed out of all multiplayer maps.

If you want more information about the Beta or have questions, then head over to DICE’s Battlefield 4 FAQ to answer any questions that we might have not addressed.