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Blackberry Expects to Lose $1 Billion and Lay Off 4,500

Following a halt of $BBRY on the NASDAQ, many traders expected some sort of announcement from the company. And they got it, in the form of a preliminary earnings announcement. The company announced that they expect to post a $1 billion loss for the second fiscal quarter of 2014. The company’s second fiscal quarter of 2014 represents the third calendar quarter of 2013, for those that may be confused by Blackberry’s fiscal quarters.

The company announced that they would be taking a $950 million to $995 million dollar loss in the second fiscal quarter. This is primarily due to a write-down of $930 million to $960 million resulting from not being able to sell their own phones and having massive inventory onhand (similar in size to Microsoft’s own Surface write-down). They also expect to have a pre-tax restructuring charge of $72 million, likely due to the lay offs of the 4,500 employees that they announced as part of the company’s restructuring (again).

The company itself expects to report revenues for that second fiscal quarter of 2014 (calendar 3Q 2013) of $1.6 billion and device sales of 3.7 million. As part of their restructuring, the company is planning to refocus on the enterprise and the pro-sumer market and to offer end to end solutions which include hardware, software and services. Honestly, this is one of the most ambiguous statements about a company’s own restructuring efforts I have seen in quite some time. Clearly, the company has no idea what to do anymore.

The company is also planning on trimming their device offerings from 6 devices to 4, renewing their focus on prosumer and enterprise devices with two high-end devices and two low-end devices. Because of the restructuring and trimming, they will, as stated earlier, be laying off 4,500 employees which targets an operating expenditure reduction of approximately 50% by their fiscal 1Q 2015 which should be the calendar 2Q 2014. Keep in mind, they just launched the Blackberry Z30 two days ago.

And once again, they announced that their special committee of the board continues to evaluate strategic alternatives (sale). Which means they still haven’t found a buyer, yet.