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Picture of AMD Hawaii Leaks

It comes as no surprise that on the Saturday leading up to the launch of AMD’s latest and greatest GPU, Hawaii, that some leaks would eventually occur. This time the leak comes by way of a picture from none other than Johan Andersson, Technical Director of DICE’s Frostbite Engine. Since I know Johan pretty well, I can tell you that him getting the latest GPUs ahead of a GPU launch is no surprise, and considering that AMD is supporting Battlefield 4 with their Gaming Evolved program, there’s no surprise this has happened. This is obviously a controlled leak by AMD.

When you look at the tweet, it states, "AMD was kind enough to give me an Hawaiian beauty from the Volcanic Islands http://imgur.com/1qpfcvs @AMDRadeon." This is a clear reference to the new Hawaii GPUs and an obvious statement that this is the real deal. With Johan, I would expect nothing less.

Looking at the GPU itself, there isn’t really anything ground breaking that we can see here from the company. The card is a dual slot cooler with a single fan intake designed in a blower style with a standard PCie Gen 3.0 x 16 slot. Frankly, the photo itself isn’t really anything astounding other than the fact that it feature’s AMD’s newest logo. We can’t even see the back of the card, so we can’t even figure out what kind of connectivity it has, but it’ll likely be much like the 7970 and have something like a DVI or two, an HDMI and a few miniDPs. Either way, AMD is clearly trying to stir up some excitement about the card by leaking it this way, and hopefully we see some cool stuff from DICE and EA in Battlefield 4 as a part of their collaboration with AMD.