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Photos and Videos: Red Bull Flugtag 2013 Long Beach


This weekend, Red Bull had their annual Flugtag event across the country. The Flugtag is an event that Red Bull holds annually for people to compete against each other in creating human powered flight machines that are supposed to glide from a 30 ft (9.1m) platform into the water. Winners scores are based on a few factors which combine the flying machine’s design and distance flown as well as the creativity of the team’s dance that they do prior to actually flying their contraption. 

Below, we have a few photos of the event as well as video of many of the teams’ attempts.

Before the event started, Red Bull had people with water jetpacks flying around the bay to entertain the crowd prior to the event.

They were followed by two parachutists from Red Bull’s airteam who ended up just barely landing on the dock while spiraling down from the plane that they jumped from.

Then, Red Bull started the festivities with two teams from the sponsor’s of the event, Hyundai and Walgreen’s.

After they went, the rest of the teams partook in their attempts, and we’ve got some video footage of those attempts below.

We also have a full-length version available here.

We also have some pictures of the contestants while they were doing their attempts.

We didn’t get a chance to see all teams participate, however we did see the Chicken Whisperers from the Bay Area set the net world record for the Red Bull Flugtag getting a distance of 258 feet.