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Omate TrueSmart Closes at $1 Million, Pre-Orders Open


The guys at Omate really hit a home run on Friday with the conclusion of their Kickstarter, they definitely have had one of the most fiery Kickstarters I’ve ever seen. Their Kickstarter’s original goal was only $100,000 and they eventually crushed that by breaking over $1,000,000 which will help them get their business off the ground and production moving faster than ever. We’ve been working closely with the Omate guys and actually broke the original story about the Omate TrueSmart and its specs.

Here’s a timeline of Omate’s TrueSmart smartwatch launch.

Jul 31 – First leak of Omate & TrueSmart on Brightsideofnews.com
Aug 21 – Launched Omate (the start-up) & TrueSmart (the product) on Kickstarter, from $179
Aug 21 – Funding Goal Exceeded within Half a Day, securing goal funding from Kickstarters
Aug 22 – Starts Production Preparations, having already secured funding
Aug 30 – 1000 Developers Kit for the first shipment of October sold out. In response, a new batch of Developers Kit was introduced for November shipment.
Sep 1 – By popular demand, an option for users to upgrade 512MB memory to 1GB memory is introduced
Sep 2Surpassed $500K Funding Stretch Goal, confirming a free upgrade to Sapphire Crystal Glass, the best premium scratch proof for everyone (World First Smartwatch with Sapphire Crystal Glass)
Sep 4 – TrueSmart pledges on KICKSTARTER increases by 250% for the two days following industry competitors
smartwatch announcements at IFA
Sep 5 Confirms Steel Alloy casing of TrueSmart will be manufactured individually by precision CNC for ultimate quality
Sep 6Sapphire Crystal Glass Display Unit ready
Sep 9TrueSmart’s Launcher UI, developed by Vire Labs (Finland) shown for the first time
Sep 9Production of TrueSmart PCBs started
Sep 10New Extreme Edition with 1GB/8GB (memory/storage) announced
Sep 11 – Surpassed $720K Funding Stretch Goal, all TrueSmart upgraded with 720P Video Recording capability
Sep 12Announced the use of Ultra-Sensitive Touchscreen, a product upgrade decision taken internally but was not announced before
Sep 13First Production Prototype (Final Design) assembled and shown in video
Sep 15Surpassed $800K Funding Stretch Goal, free Fleksy Invisible Keyboard, an innovative way of text input with full screen for your apps
Sep 16 – Launches new Contest and Marketing Campaign "TrueSmart. A New Watch Every Day" with clockfaces as fun eye candy.
Sep 16 – TrueSmart Clockface Design GRAND CHALLENGE with 6 finalists, opens for a final 48-hour voting

And of course, the $1 Million stretch goal on the 19th, which they managed to hit on the 20th, the final day. I personally have not seen a Kickstarter with so much drive and so much information for their backers. These guys literally started the process of making these smartwatches well into the actual development of the Kickstarter project and they already have finished working prototypes and are probably ahead of schedule.

They also have a pre-order page up if you didn’t get a chance to get into the Kickstarter. As you can tell, their final price is actually quite competitive with other smartwatch solutions (Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm Toq). However, it remains to be seen how the battery life will end up being compared to these other solutions. We can’t wait to get ours in to test it against the others that’ll be coming out soon. We’re just glad to see them be so successful and can’t wait to see a final production model.