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Guy Buys iBuypower Gaming Desktop for $3!


A guy on managed to snag a nearly $2000 gaming desktop system from Woot’s bag of crap sale for $3 and was greeted with a pleasant surprise when a gigantic box arrived.

For those unaware of how such a thing could happen, first you need to be acquainted with and their Bag of Crap sale. is one of the original single sale a day websites that helps companies and retailers sell out of products that they couldn’t sell or only want to sell to a specific crowd and do it quickly. Since their acquisition by Amazon, has gotten significantly bigger and has 10 different deal a day categories with multiple deals inside as well. This is from their original two or three categories before they were acquired by Either way, is a sort of clearing house of sorts.

Now, has a special kind of sale called a Bag of Crap sale where you pay anywhere between $3 and $5 for a ‘Bag of Crap’ which literally amounts to a bunch of stuff that they can grab and throw into your box. Sometimes you get a t-shirt and keychains and in a very rare case you get something like an Xbox, TV or in this guy’s case a full blown gaming PC. The best part is that you pay $5 upfront for shipping so, this guy paid a total of $8 for the entire computer without even knowing it. This Bag of Crap sale was part of iBuypower’s own sale on one of Woot’s pages. Here he’s posted a video of unboxing his ‘Bag of Crap’ purchase explaining his luck.

You can check out the specs of the system on iBuypower’s system or’s site. But either way, as a member of I think it is pretty awesome that they did something like this and that iBuypower was part of it because this kind of stuff stirs up so much excitement and interest that I don’t think an console could ever do unless it was in the first week or two of the console’s launch.