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HTC One Global and Dev Edition Get 4.3 Update

For those of you not living in the United States or for those of you that purchased the HTC One Developer Edition (such as myself), you should be graced with an update for your phone if you manually check for it in the software update portion of the phone. HTC has finally begun to roll out their 4.3 Android update with Sense UI and low light camera fixes for the HTC One.

This fix has been talked about for countless weeks and was even announced by HTC about a week ago. And today, it brings some updates to the device that some would say are much needed. For those of us that never got the 4.2.2 update *myself included* it is nice to finally see some of the parts of the phone finally getting an update. Like, now BlinkFeed supports Instagram and Linkedin (from 4.2.2 update) and the menu button when you pull down the drop down menu now opens up a stock Android-like menu.

Also, they’ve decided that the NFC logo now needs to adhere to the NFC Forum’s recommended logo, which now makes it look like the rest of my Android devices when I have NFC enabled. While I haven’t had much of a chance to play with the camera and see how low light performance is… the camera no longer continues to bump the ISO when I hold it up against my shirt or pants and force it to capture no light. Many users were experiencing this issue where they would continue to gain more and more noise from the camera in very low-light situations and I experienced this issue myself. It no longer does this.

The gallery also doesn’t send you to a Blinkfeed-like photo menu that you have to click through to see your photos anymore. Now you just get a simply organized menu that categorizes your photos neatly instead of making you pick between your captured photos and your photos, something that I found quite annoying. The new menu is simply the same menu that you had before, but without the top Blinkfeed-style menu. A certain UX improvement.

One thing I will say, though, is that after updating my device many Google services crashed multiple times and have since ceased to do so. So, don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to you. It’ll take some time but they’ll eventually go away.