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Funny Provo City Google Fiber Ad

The City of Provo City, Utah has posted a simple video that explains the upcoming benefits of Google’s Fiber rollout to consumers. This video simply compares the current state of broadband against what Google Fiber will bring to Provo City, Utah residents when Google Fiber starts to roll out in their city this October. Provo City is one of the few lucky cities in the nation that has gotten the opportunity to use Google’s Gigabit Fiber service which provides unmatched bandwidth directly to consumers homes, completely changing the way they use the internet.

As you can see the comparison is drawn using two metaphors to describe Broadband and Google Fiber.  I’m not even sure if the fire truck and two firemen with hoses is enough to describe the complete scale of difference between the average broadband connection and Google Fiber. Keep in mind, that the average Broadband connection’s bandwidth is usually a bit below 10 Mbps, which means that Google Fiber is on average 100 times faster and delivers more than 100 times more data per second than Broadband. You decide if Provo City’s commercial gets the point across enough or if they should take it to an even more extreme degree to show more 100x faster on average.