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No Outlet? No Problem. – Expedition 3.0 and XL Batteries Reviewed

Today we are reviewing two new external batteries from the company No Outlet No Problem. This company has risen to prominence from a successful Kickstarter campaign which I must say was run very professionally with all of the backers being kept constantly informed. We previously reviewed the No Outlet No Problem?s Expedition 2.0 external battery which came as one of the rewards from their Kickstarter campaign and found that it had a lot of great features that no other battery had. The Expedition 2.0 was overall a great product with only a few flaws that came from it being one of the first products ever produced by the company. To fix these flaws No Outlet No Problem gathered up all the input from customers and created both the Expedition 3.0 and Expedition XL which we will be reviewing today.

From left to right, Expedition 2.0, Expedition 3.0 and Expedition XL

Looking at the 3.0 version of the Expedition you can see that there have been many changes made from the previous version. The first thing that has been changed is the high impact polymer enclosure has been changed for an either a black or silver matte aluminum enclosure which has upped the weight from 8 ounces to 9 ounces. The enclosure size has also been changed from 4.8? x 3.2? x 0.80? on the 2.0 to 4.5? x 2.9? x 0.86? on the 3.0 making it shorter on the length and width while adding just .06 of an inch in thickness. The second thing you notice is that the four LED indicator lights have been taken out for a mirror panel, which is unfortunately a finger print and scratch magnet, which displays the exact percentage left on the battery along with a circle that is illuminated when you have a device plugged in and charging. The next change on the outside of the devices is that each output and input is labeled clearly. The last change is that they took off the compartment on the bottom and replaced it with a solid plastic piece. The XL has the exact same features on the outside while having a slightly bigger enclosure with the dimensions being 5.9? x 2.9 x 0.86? and a total weight of 13 ounces. In addition to all of these things No Outlet No Problem are now also offering custom full grain leather cases for both the Expedition 3.0 and Expedition XL which complement the device very nicely along with the interchangeable USB charging cable that came with the Expedition 2.0.

Now we are going to take a look at what changes have been made on the inside. Starting off with the capacities, no changes made to the 11,200 mAh capacity of the Expedition 2.0 to the Expedition 3.0 because No Outlet No Problem has added the Expedition XL to the mix with a 15,200 mAh capacity. Along with adding the Expedition XL they have made numerous changes on the inside of the Expedition 3.0. One major change they have made is that now instead of pushing a button to start charging your device the Expeditions now automatically sense when something is plugged in and start charging the device and then shuts off when it is finished. They also have fixed the problem of having some devices specifically Apple products that would not charge with the pass through charging technology. Another improvement they have made it much better thermal management so the battery does not heat up when it is in constant use. The next thing No Outlet No Problem upgraded was the capacitors they went from electrolytic capacitors to tantalum chip capacitors which will make the battery last a lot longer.

The last internal upgrade that was made was the change to a fully encapsulated inductor to improve performance. The charging performance was inside the predicted amount with the Expedition 3.0 being able to charge my Samsung Galaxy SIII 3.75 times before needing to be charged again. The Expedition XL with its larger 15,200 mAh capacity was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy SIII 7.75 times.

In conclusion I can honestly say I am very impressed with the improvements that have been made on in just one revision of the Expedition. I can tell you that these batteries were made to last because I have brought them to my university every single day for the last two weeks and there is not one scratch on the body besides the mirror panel. In addition the full grain leather cases are not showing any wear at all. For all of you that want a chance to grab one of these amazing products head over to their crowdsourcing website or you can wait to grab one of their products that are heading towards a store near you sometime very soon! I know all of us here at Bright Side of News cannot wait to see what comes next from this young company!