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GoPro Releases Newer, Smaller and Mediocre GoPro Hero3+


The company, GoPro, makers of extreme sports cameras and accessories has finally released their much awaited update to the GoPro Hero3 to the GoPro Hero3+. Many people were expecting the guys over at GoPro to release the GoPro Hero4 or GoPro Hero4K, which would bump the GoPro Hero line of cameras from being capable of 4K at 15 frames per second to 4K to 30 frames per second. Which would enable for the cheapest recording of 4K footage on a camera, ever. I personally have been really excited for this to come out and was a little disappointed to see that they basically did very little to upgrade the GoPro line of cameras. After all, who said that they need a SMALLER GoPro?

While I do commend them for calling it the GoPro Hero3+ and not the GoPro Hero4, that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve waited for the company to come out with a new GoPro Hero camera for about a year now and all we got were minor improvements. As GoPro’s own website for the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition states, they’ve reduced the size of the GoPro by 20% from the Hero3 to the Hero3+. Hell, the URL itself didn’t even change… the URL still reads "http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition" which to us just means that even GoPro recognizes that this isn’t a significant change. What we do commend them for is the fact that they’ve maintained the same pricing model, which keeps these cameras still pretty affordable for pretty much anyone looking to shoot quality video or photos.

GoPro Hero3  vs  GoPro Hero3+

One of the other new features is the fact that they now have a ‘Superview’ feature which simply enables 16:9 aspect ratio when filming which enables for a wider angle shot. They also have added improvements to the optics of the lens and as a result improved low light performance and battery life. If anything, these could simply be preparations for a 4K version, where GoPro realized that with their current platform the GoPro 4K was simply not feasible as it probably had poor low-light and battery life. If that’s the case, then we’ll patiently wait for the 4K version to come out, but we really hope that we don’t have to wait another year for it.

As it stands, we’ve had a lot of fun with our GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and we’ll probably grab some GoPro Hero3+ Black Editions just because of the amazing price that GoPro is able to deliver to consumers and the quality of video as well. There have been multiple occasions where we’ve had to recommend GoPro cameras as video cameras because everything else is just so much more expensive and less versatile.