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Rightware Patches Basemark X from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Performance Boost Exploit


As the benchmark controversies continue, it appears that Samsung has once again attempted to optimize their phones for certain benchmarks according to ARSTechnica. According to ARS, these optimizations could result in performance ‘boosts’ of up to 20%, which would obviously make it appear faster than many other Snapdragon 800 based devices (for the US market). Even the similarly spec’d LG G2, with the exact same display resolution and SoC.

Upon further discovery, it appears that Samsung had done some optimizations for certain popular benchmarking apps like AnTuTu, Quadrant, Vellamo, Basemark X, GeekBench, and a few others. Interestingly enough, Futuremark’s 3DMark was unoptimized. Upon hearing this, the guys at Rightware reacted very quickly and analyzed their code and benchmark to adjust for any possible performance exploits that Samsung may have utilized.

In an official email from Rightware we get an explanation of what they have done to fix this issue, "It has come to our attention that Galaxy Note 3 may be targeting our benchmark, Basemark X.

Rightware?s mission is to provide trusted performance evaluation tools you can depend on. Therefore, we have produced an updated version of Basemark X that solves this issue. Please download the updated version from the link below."

The updated version can be downloaded here or you can wait until the Android version gets an update to compare the scores yourself. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Note 3 on hand so we can’t test the difference before and after the APK update. Nevertheless, it is very nice to see the company reacting quickly and responsibly to keep up the quality and trustworthiness of their benchmark, even when companies like to try and pull a fast one on everyone.