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Kickstarter Weekly 5 – October 6th


On this week?s Kickstarter Weekly Five we are taking a look at five new projects that have caught our attention and we think deserve notice.

The first project that we are looking at this week is called Moti. Moti is a smart motor that can be attached to almost anything. Moti was originally created for use in robotics because there was a need for motors that could be controlled through a web interface. What allows the Moti smart motor to be controlled via a web interface is its unique construction. Moti starts out as an ideal servo and an Arduino-compatible microcontroller is added to it along with a multitude of sensors. With the microcontroller and sensors also comes several different additions such as additional io pins for adding additional electronics, instant networking with each other and also the ability to be controlled over Bluetooth. The Bluetooth control is used by the graphical application that makes it easy to control so that children can use it to power their own creations. It can also be controlled by writing a program due to its Web API which enables you to have actions triggered by hyperlinks. The Moti does require an outside power source which can be a regular Lithium-Polymer battery that you can buy at a hobby store online. To receive just the Moti with a Bluetooth Shield but no battery you will need to pledge $90 Canadian Dollars plus $5 Canadian Dollars for shipping outside Canada which is $92 US dollars. If you want a battery with a charger included with the Moti and Shield you will need to pledge $115 Canadian Dollars plus $10 Canadian Dollars for shipping outside Canada which is $121 US Dollars.

The next project we are talking about has created a device that will allow you to ditch keyboards and mice to control your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Oculus Rift device. The device created by the company Intellect Motion is called iMotion. The iMotion device is something that just slips over your hand almost like a glove. Once the device is slipped over your hand all you need to do is have the toolkit (SDK for the Oculus Rift) installed on your device and you can use the iMotion to control everything like a touchscreen. The way that this is possible is due to the way iMotion detects your movements through a webcam. First the three LED lights are detected by the camera which determines your body?s position then the iMotion uses it?s built in gyroscope and accelerometer to track your motion in the x-y-z planes. Using these pieces of technology the iMotion is able to achieve tracking that is six times faster and ten times more accurate than any consoling tracking system. It also had haptic feedback using a Bluetooth connection letting you know when you touch something in the virtual world. To receive the iMotion you will need to pledge just $59 US Dollars. 

Our next project is for all the people who have wanted a very neat desk with built in cord management. The project is actually a desk called the Paradise Desk because not having to deal with cords everywhere is a computer person?s paradise. The way this is done is by having all the cords inside of the desk itself using and having the inputs to you computer run through a desk leg which plug into your desktop tower, which can either be under the desk if it fits or it can be outside the desk for full tower cases. Then, on the desk itself there are eight USB 3.0 plugs three in front of where the keyboard should go, one next to the headphone and microphone jack, one behind where the monitor should go and two more in the left corner for charging or connecting more accessories. Then there are four 110v power plugs two behind where the monitor should go and two in the right corner. Also behind where the monitor should go there is a DVI and a HDMI plug. On the back of the desk there are two LED lights for lighting making it easier on your eyes when working for long periods of time. There is also a limited edition and custom editions of this desk that allow you to add ports or completely design your desk from the ground up. To get the standard edition of the desk you will need to pledge $349 US Dollars. To get the limited edition you will need to pledge $729 US Dollars but hurry at the time of writing this article only four remain. To get a completely custom desk you will need to pledge either $1399 US Dollars or $1999 US Dollars but if you pledge the higher amount you will be a beta tester for future products but hurry both pledge levels have only two left at the time of writing this article.   

Our fourth project we are looking at is a new look at alarm clocks. This project called Bamboomi wanted to design a way to wake people up without just being a device that you reach for on your nightstand to shut up. What they designed was a device that goes underneath your pillow and uses vibrations to gently wake you up. But you probably are thinking of your phone vibrating but Bamboomi doesn?t work that way the vibrations are completely customizable meaning you control how long they last and what the strength is. The way this is done is through the free application on your Google Android or Apple iOS device. Also, the reason that the vibration is different is because it uses a linear actuator which means that the vibration stays close to the device not waking up anybody else sleeping in the bed. To charge the device all you need to do is place it on the charging plate because it uses induction charging meaning there are no wires to connect it to. To receive the regular Bamboomi you will need to pledge $79 US Dollars but to receive the developer Bamboomi which comes with Wi-Fi and has a black shell instead of white you need to pledge $99 US Dollars.


Our last project is a little something that will make hanging up Christmas lights a lot less work. The company called Sparkle Magic has a device called The Illuminator, a laser light and using just one laser it creates a look of hanging up a 1000?s of lights. The way this is done is through a special laser which comes in three colors blue, red, and green and an adjustable dial that creates different effects. The actual device is made from aluminum and has a special cap that makes it water-proof allowing you to use it both inside and outside. For the use inside and out the Illuminator comes with different options of mounting it. The thr
ee options that it comes with are a stake, a heavy metal base, and a tripod which all connect to the device using an adjustable gooseneck. To get one Illuminator of any color you will need to pledge $99 US Dollars and two receive two different colored illuminators you will need to pledge $199 US Dollars and to receive all three colors you will need to pledge $285 US Dollars.