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Rightware and Imagination Strike Up Long Term Partnership

Imagination Technologies and Rightware, Ltd. have together entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with each other in order to help each company to develop better products for the whole industry. Imagination’s expertise comes by the way of their PowerVR graphics IP and cores as well as their ownership of MIPS, which can help Rightware determine best practices in benchmarking as well as to fine tune their benchmarks. While we don’t entirely know how this may affect PowerVR GPU performance in Rightware’s Basemark X benchmark, we hope it doesn’t give any PowerVR licensees an unfair advantage.

Other strategic initiatives will also involve Rightware and Imagination Technologies working together to get Rightware’s Kanzi UI working better on Imagination’s PowerVR graphics cores. By doing this, Rightware improves Imagination’s standing as a GPU IP licensing firm since many embedded graphics solutions for automotive vary greatly and if Rightware can help get PowerVR optimized for Kanzi it will mean that PowerVR could get some significant design wins in automotive. Kanzi is such a versatile product that this could also mean that some mobile apps utilizing Kanzi’s UI could in the future also see a performance boost due to this strategic partnership.

As someone that has worked extensively with both companies, I can tell you that both of these companies really do strive for the best possible end result for the consumer. Sure, both of these companies stand to benefit greatly from helping each other out and improving each other’s products, but they are also both companies that push the entire industry in one direction or another. Its nice to actually see a leading hardware company working with a leading software company to improve the state of mobile benchmarking. We will be watching this strategic partnership very closely and talking to both companies to see how they see the relationship progressing as well as any developments that have been created as a result of its creation.