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Genius Announces Dual Video Car Camera – Russian Drivers Rejoice

As many of us know, driving in some parts of the world can be a risky proposition. Especially in places where there are numerous insurance and racketeering scams that are specifically targeted towards the drivers of cars. As such, in some countries front mounted video cameras are incredibly prevalent and necessary. This case is most noticeable in places like Russia where the entire internet has been enamored with almost weekly videos that come out of the insane Russian driving situations. Surely, Russia isn’t the worst, but they’ve got the most footage.

And Taiwan.

Now, if you watch all of these videos, most of which are pretty entertaining, you’ll notice that some of them are missing an important perspective, the rear view. Well, the guys at Genius (a Taiwanese peripherals company) have developed one of these dash cams that also has a camera for a view from behind. The camera is eloquently named the Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder DVR-HD500D. This camera is capable of simultaneously capturing two video feeds and depositing them on to a maximum sized 32GB MicroSDHC memory card. The disappointing part of this camera, however, is the incredibly low 1 megapixel resolution and 400 mAh battery which mean that this thing basically has to always be plugged in and won’t really record HD quality video.

Otherwise, this camera could be a great solution for people that drive in pretty difficult situations and want to have video evidence to protect themselves. I’m sure there are plenty of places outside of Russia with similarly bad driving situations that need good vehicle video recorders for both the front and back of the vehicle. It does have a G sensor built into it as well for the expressed purpose of collisions. Not to mention, this thing could also theoretically serve as a backup camera as well since it provides a real-time feed of what the front and rear cameras are recording.